Blitz ClearSeal

Blitz ClearSeal

Blitz ClearSeal is a multi purpose product that can be used as a gloss finish coat or as a sealer/binder.

Blitz ClearSeal is a milky white liquid that dries to a hard clear film.

Blitz ClearSeal can be used as a gloss finish coat providing a tough and long life coating that is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces with high water and weather resistance.

Blitz ClearSeal when thinned down with water can be used as a highly effective surface binder on difficult surfaces such as crumbly masonry or weak and powdery surfaces.

Used as a Sealer/Binder - Surface penetration and binding is key to repairing chalky, powdery and crumbly surfaces. Mix 1 part Blitz ClearSeal with 1 part clean water to make a thin penetrating sealer.

Used as a Finish Coat - On most surfaces, thin the first coat to be applied, 2 parts Blitz ClearSeal with 1 part clean water. Then apply a finish coat direct from the can. In some conditions such as cold weather, thinning of the second topcoat will help flow and levelling.

Sizes Available - 10 Litres, 4 Litres, 1 Litre and 500 mL.