Blitz Total

Blitz Total all in one technology, problem solving primer, sealer and undercoat.

Blitz Total adhesion to most architectural surfaces.

Blitz Total acrylic stain blocking system.

Masonry, Cement, Brick - after sufficient curing cement can be sealed in one coat.

Glossy Surfaces - Can be primed with minimal surface preparation apart from cleaning e.g. old gloss enamel paint, ceramic tile, galvanised iron, laminate etc. (new galvanised iron must be degreased).

Chalky Surfaces - moderately chalky surfaces such as exterior weathered paints can be primed without prior washing down. Excessively chalky and crumbly surfaces must be cleaned and coated with Blitz ClearSeal

Porous Surfaces - such as plaster and paper faced wallboard are undercoated to fill porosity and provide a more even finish.

Stains - common household stains such as handmarks, watermarks, graffiti and smokestains can be sealed to prevent bleed into the finish coat. Some stains may require a second coat.

Sizes Available - 15 Litres, 10 Litres, 4 Litres, 2 Litres, 1 Litre and 500 mL