Blitz MaxiSeal

Blitz MaxiSeal

Blitz MaxiSeal is the ultimate stain blocking primer, sealer and undercoat that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Blitz MaxiSeal is easily topcoated with water-based and oil-based paints and can be tinted nto pastel colours.

Blitz MaxiSeal has strong adhesion to most surfaces including gloss enamel, varnishes, wallboard, wrought iron, MDF and raw timber. It can be used as a fast drying metal or wood primer.

Blitz MaxiSeal dries quickly and has excellent covering power

Stain Sealing - To prevent stains bleeding through the finish coat, use Blitz MaxiSeal to seal back water-based and oil-based stains such as : water stains, crayon, lipstick, graffiti, smoke stains and tanin bleed from timber. Blitz MaxiSeal is an ideal stain sealer for building repairs after fire and smoke damage or a leaky roof. For heavy stains and oil/solvent based stains 2 coats of Blitz MaxiSeal may be needed.

Glossy Surfaces - Can be primed with minimal preparation apart from cleaning and lightly sanding the surface. Superior adhesion to old gloss enamel, ceramic tiles and laminate.

Sizes available - 10 Litres, 4 Litres, 1 Litre and 500mL.